Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Well fathers day was a good day for me. All the boys came over to eat my food, so I drank their beer. I was up at 6:00am on Sunday to get the Pork Shoulder Roast in the smoker. I set the Bradley up on the back deck and had it preheated to 250 degrees by 6:30. The Roast went in the smoker at that time with enough bisquettes to last 4 hours.

4.5lb pork roast seasoned and waiting for smoke.
I used and equal amount of Hickory, Mesquite and Cherry for the smoke.

In the smoker ready to cook
At the end of the four hours smoking the internal temp was 168 degree and that is were it stayed for the next 3 hours, then it slowly rose to 194 degrees when I pulled it out of the smoker and wrapped it in foil with a splash of apple juice.

Just out of the smoker ready to be wrapped
During the time the roast was at 168 degrees I made some BBQ sauce to go onto the pulled pork sandwiches. The sauce turned out great.

The Sauce
I think they liked the pulled pork as a 4.5 lb. Roast was made into sandwiches for 2 of the boys, my wife and myself and there was just enough left for me to have a sandwich on Monday. Heck even Alex, my vegetarian son had some pulled pork and asked for more.

The Pulled Pork ready for Sandwiches


TESKELLY said...

That looks sooooooo good.