Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Looks like some of the travelers that I have released into the wilds are starting to reappear. My BCGA geocoin has been criss crossing the country for a few years. I took the coin to Alaska in 2007. Since then the coin has had a great journey. The coin did make it's way back to Vancouver in 2009 but the day before I went to pick it up a cacher found it a took it east. One day I hope it does make it back to us.
Our Travel Bug Tigger Too has been traveling the world since 2004. Once Tigger too made it to spain he went missing for two years. Now Tigger is in California and we hope on his way north. After all he has had the adventure of a life time and needs to come home.


Eddie said...

Hi Ross,

The blog looks good, nice colours, good use of the frames on the page, I like it!

Just don't know why you're wasting all that time on fishing though....

Have fun with your web site!