Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Yard

After two weeks of rain and not being able to cut the lawn, I had a good look at it today. I have my job cut out for me. The grass is getting long, the weeds longer and now we have creeping buttercup through out the lawn. I am going to try a cut the lawn tomorrow after church, hopefully it will not rain. I need a few nice days to be able to try and get a handle on the creeping buttercup. Never mind the flower beds or the vegetable garden. But then again those are Lisa's problem, well at least until she needs some digging done. If I can get the lawn done tomorrow I can get out fishing on Monday. I think I will go over to Rolley Lake, if it is nice out Lisa will come along and try out her new float tube. Might even have some time to grab a few caches while I am there. Wish me luck.