Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Urban lake fishing

So on Monday I went to my favorite urban lake to spend a few hours on the water. The forecast was for rain, but once again the weather man was wrong. I hit the lake at 10am and kicked around the lake in my Fishcat float tube for the next two hours. Fishing was spotty at best. I did manage to land two nice 12-14 inch rainbow trout in that time. Not my most productive day at the lake but it was nice to get out and feel that tug of a fish on my line. Both fish were caught on a pumpkin head fly pattern, using a clear intermediate sinking line. I had a relaxing time that was needed. Next week will take me to a new lake, one that I have not fished before. Stay tuned.


TESKELLY said...

Hey I recognize that lake setting. Will have to join you some time soon.